Our curriculum is fundamentally inclined to develop our children and adolescents as citizens of the world. While we are adopting the British Curriculum because we are keen to adopt educational approach in an international contaxt, we appreciate our curriculum in Nigeria. Use it as springboard to global excellence as well as to nuture the backgrounds og our students.

Our curriculum comprises of the following aspects:

(A) ACADEMIC: This is designed after the harmonised version of both Nigerian and British curriculum to present our students for the following Examinations:

    * National JSSCE
    * Lagos State JSSCE
    * Cambridge Checkpoint for Year 10
    * IGCSE for Year 11
    * WAEC - SSCE for Year 12
    * NECO - SSCE for Year 12

To offer satisfying learning experience within a productive learning environment, integrated approach to teaching, use of ICT and e-tutorial system, practical exposition to industrials skill related to chosen careers are adopted.

(B) CO-CURRICULAR: where our students are put into houses, clubs and project groups to participate in

    * House Championship
    * Club Activities
    * Project Presentations
    * Community Initiatives
    * Excursions
    * Field Trips

(C) SPIRITUAL AND CHARACTER AGENDA: which is specially designed to make our students develop into enviable characters with passion for God and skills in musical instrument through:

    * Inventory of Psalm
    * Christian Fellowship
    * Musical Instrument Mastery
    * Choir & Orchestra

(D) LITERARY AGENDA: where our students and staff are engaged in

    * Writing articles, Novels, Stories etc for College magazine and for Publication
    * Reading Culture
    * Literacy Discourse
    * Literacy Camp
    * Young Authors

(E) ENTERPRISE AND REAL LIFE SKILLS: where our students and staff are exposed to activities and workshops to empower them in entrepreneurship and to be able to acquire Life Skills needed to make exploit of adventures, ventures and prevailing situations such as:

    * Fate and Adversity
    * Finance and Venture
    * Planning
    * Gallery
    * Social Norms and Culture
    * Virtues and Ethos
    * Politics and Governance
    * Science and Religion
    * Health and Safety
    * Investment and Savings


    * Highly experienced, qualified and God-fearing Teachers
    * Modern Library with up-to-date textbooks, professional journals, magazines and other textual materials
    * Small size classrooms with air-conditions in a very conductive, serene lerning environment based on teacher-student ratio of 1:15
    * Interactive boards, CCTV and other world class instructional technology
    * Well-equipped Science Laboratories with Technologies in attendance
    * Well-equipped ICT Laboratory
    * Competitive House Championship


    * Easy accesibility to the School
    * Serene and conducive environment to learning
    * Highly qualified, well-experienced and god-fearing Tutors
    * Basic Skills Acquisition, Venture and Enterprises
    * Remedial Classes for Students in Challenged Subjects
    * Excursion, Picnics, Field Trips and Swimming Gala
    * Afternoon Lesson / Tutorial Classes
    * Holiday Post-Terminal Tutorial on Academic Deficiency